Home Euthanasia

Euthanasia is performed to save the pet from avoidable pain, as well as from suffering from a terminal illness. Often our pets seem much better on some days, and worse on others. In this case, it is wise to make your assessment based on average comfort levels.

Choosing euthanasia is a difficult and very personal choice. Our staff coordinates home euthanasia to make this difficult time easier on you. Please let us know if you would like your pet to be euthanized in the comfort of its home. We can coordinate with your veterinarian or you can use Dr. Foster who works closely with us.

When trying to decide on whether or not to euthanize, or humanely end the life of your pet, you need to ask some important questions: Our hearts are with you.

  • Is your pet in pain or serious discomfort which cannot be controlled efficiently?
  • Does your pet eat and drink enough for normal preservation without difficulty and without constant vomiting and/or diarrhea?
  • Is your pet able to breathe without trouble?
  • Can your pet urinate and defecate without difficulty?
  • Is your pet free from inoperable tumors which cause pain?
  • Is your pet able to walk reasonably well?


Dr. David Foster graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary medicine in 1992. He has worked in both large and small animal practices and possesses knowledge and skill in all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery.

Personal Veterinary Care was started in order to fulfill a need in the community for availability of veterinary services for those who are not able to take their pets to a traditional veterinary clinic. Elderly pet owners who aren’t able to drive and do not want to depend on friends or family to take them to the veterinarian now have another option. Anyone that has a large dog that is difficult to transport or a cat that doesn’t tolerate the trip to the veterinary clinic can now have the veterinarian come to them. Dr. Foster is a compassionate veterinarian who strives to provide personalized, convenient veterinary care and a positive veterinary experience for you and your pet.


The charges for Home Euthanasia are set by the veterinarian and are separate from our charges.