Pre- Arranging Disposition


No one likes to think about losing their beloved pet.  Whether losing your pet comes unexpectedly, or after a long illness, the death of a pet leaves us with the feeling of despair, loss and emptiness.   So often we hear, “…we wish we would have called you sooner …“, we could have completed these details in advance.

At Paws in Paradise Pet Crematory & Burial Services, we offer you the opportunity to plan ahead for your pet’s aftercare needs. Gathering the name, date of birth and sending photos for the art packages in advance takes the burden off at the time of need. If you travel and your pet is staying at another facility, you have peace of mind knowing that should your pet pass, we will be there for them.

Benefits of Pre- Planning

By pre-planning for your pet’s aftercare needs, you are:

  • If a babysitter is caring for your pet all you have to do is call us at the time of need to pick-up your pet.
  • Making your decisions ahead of time weighing out the options of whether you prefer burial or cremation.
  • Would you like a customized urn, laser urn, photo urn or standard package?
  • Gather your favorite photos for the art packages early and allow the artist to design ahead of time.
  • Deciding on the type of jewelry or paw print keepsakes.
  • Do you want to take advantage of the Pre-Planning Payment option ahead of time?
  • Would you like home euthanasia or euthanasia in our pet funeral home?

If you would like to pre-plan please fill in the form below:

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